Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Maui Flora

My favorite things about Hawaii are the plants and vibrant colors.  It's like living and walking around in a painting.  In this picture I am standing under a Plumeria tree.  I love these beautiful flowers that smell amazing.     
Although I still prefer Kauai, it is definitely worth it to visit Maui.  This island has its own beauty.      
I have never been a beach person, but strolling the path that follows the Kaanapali Beach at sunset in Maui is a lovely walk.
This cute little cat was sitting in these plants that were just a few steps away from the beach.  Even this Hawaiian cat was like a painting.  I want my daughter to paint it one day.   

I fell in love with these Hawaiian Red Ginger plants with the hot pink flowers.

This top was the Deletta tee from last year that fit nicely, but when I bought the brown and blue, they fit too tightly.  Luckily I bought them on a great sale.  I still wonder if the size on this persimmon color was marked wrong.

Top: Anthropologie Deletta from last year.
Skirt: ModCloth Coastal Break skirt by Hell Bunny.  From Spring.
Necklace: Betsey Johnson Frog from Macys.  A few years old.
Shoes: Payless Zoe and Zac brown Gardenia wedges. A few years old.    

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Missed Flight Debacle

I would love to insert Gloria Gaynor's song, "I will Survive," at the start of this blog.  Our trip to Maui started off with a missed direct flight from San Jose to Maui, which resulted in a panic attack on my part.  I hate to fly and I had mentally prepared for this flight, only to be told that I now had to take two plane rides to reach my destination.  Nevertheless, I did pull it together and comforted my daughter who was upset with the thought of missing our vacation.  

I actually survived the 45 minute smaller plane ride to LAX without taking a Xanax and the same goes for flying home, which is a positive for me.               
This is my interpretation of Xanax.  I have now taken this little pill twice in my life.  One was a practice on the Friday before at a free Eddie Money concert at the beach and I did notice that I was able to walk through a large crowd without a problem, that is until the crowd got too big but that is understandable. 
The second was for the flight from LAX to Maui and for this longer flight I opted to take the Xanax. 
For me, it takes 20 minutes to kick in and then after about 4 hours I become incredibly drowsy.          

Despite the high stress we all felt spending most of the day in airports, we did get to enjoy Maui for four days, a short but nice trip.  We, however, are going to rethink who we book trips with.  When we were late for our flight, the airline not only cancelled our trip to Maui but our return flight as well.  So we ended up re-buying our tickets home at a higher rate and this was with the small credit they gave us.  That is just poor public relations.             

I brought three necklaces but ended up wearing these two constantly.  The first one is a Roberta Chiarella floral necklace that I spotted in a Spring issue of InStyle magazine a few months back.  They sent me a free purple colored necklace with this purchase and I am very glad they did.  Mathematically this made the two necklaces about $25 a piece which is fine.  To me, they are not worth more than this price.      
This sturdier frog necklace I bought on a great sale from Macys about three years ago and I loved wearing this in Hawaii because of how tropical it is. 

The Betsey Johnson necklaces are more pricey but really worth it.  I always wait for some type of sale on these. 

Dress:  Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Shoes:  Lands End Gatas slip on. 
Necklace one: Roberta Chiarella floral.
Necklace two:  Betsey Johnson frog about three or four years old.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Get Me to the Theater on Time

I had a taste of immersion therapy towards the end of my daughter's theater workshop a few weeks back.  My husband and I had just settled in for the evening; he was relaxing with a beer, I was nursing a ginger drink because I was feeling nauseous.  While chit chatting in the living room before starting dinner the phone rang.  To our surprise we could hear the director of the play on the answering machine wondering where our daughter was and that it was her night to play Marta in "The Sound of Music."    

The play was starting in 10 minutes and my husband immediately called back and said we would be there right away.  Somehow my daughter, who was in TV bliss, had heard us lamenting in shocked amazement at the situation, and had managed to throw shoes on faster than the speed of light while yelling at us to hurry.  

We bolted out the door and I kept saying that we should be able to make it because of the long scenes leading up to Maria meeting the Von Trapp children.          

And made it we did during the scene with Maria in the Abbey.  We breathed a sigh of relief as my daughter rushed to the costume area and the director, cool as a cucumber, said our timing was fine.  As I stood coming off my adrenaline rush, with no makeup and dressed in dopey around the house clothes, the mother selling tickets put me at ease saying her first year at the workshop was confusing also. 
The culprit was a notice that my daughter had forgotten to show us.  And we parents had not checked the website for the schedule.  We assumed that the first week of shows would be the same the following week.  She was Marta the previous Saturday night, so we naturally thought the schedule would stay the same.

It was interesting that I never had time to have a panic attack.  It was just pick up and rush to the destination with our focus on the goal of getting our kid to the theater on time.

Blouse: Anthropologie Eira top by Vanessa Virginia from Fall 2013.
Jeans: Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle.
Necklace: Anthropologie Midnight Blooms Fall 2013.
Shoes: Old Navy.
Belt: Vintage from 1979.   

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Dreaded Cat Cone

The last two weeks have been filled with doctor appointments, with last week being so sad for Dr.Bombay.  Since we adopted him, we have only let him outside with our other cats a few times and because he seems so scared, we decided to keep him as indoor only.  But he has been able to sneak outside and the last outing resulted in an abscess on his chin.  We suspect the mean male Siamese down the street that attacked our other cat three years ago.            

 He is a little Houdini, very crafty at sliding his claws in the door to pry it open.  Although most cats can open doors, he seems to work harder at escaping which could be something he learned to do living at the animal shelter for so long.  On another day, we came home after running errands to discover that he had somehow removed his cone.
The hardest part is that when we took him into the vet, he looked so sad, probably fearing that he was going back to a shelter.  He still does not like being picked up and held, so giving him a compress on the wound was unsuccessful.          
The first photo shows me happier after seeing my primary care doctor at the end of the week.  The last picture was on the day I was consumed with worry and visited my gynecologist.  I am a such a hypochondriac and both doctors put me at ease, but they think I am an excessive worrier.  My gynecologist suspects perimenopause.  I'm grateful that my two medical doctors and therapist are helping me on a road to recovery with my anxiety.           
Skirt one: Old hawaiian midi skirt from the old closed down Mervyns department store.
Skirt two: Old Anthropologie Odille.  I bought from consignment store.
Shirt in both photos: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Necklace one: Old Target sea creatures.
Necklace two: Old Anthropologie.
Shoes in both photos: Target Ona flat.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road Trip Outfits

Since I never got around to posting last year's vacation outfit pictures, I thought I had better add the 2013 pictures before 2014 summer ends.  I brought a lot of Anthropologie clothes that included this Stripes and Clover tee by Lili's Closet. 
As is usually the case with vacations, shoes are a challenge.  For Disneyland, I decided to wear the Lands End Gatas shoe.  I could now see that a flat sneaker would have paired better with my Vera Wang for Kohls jeans.         
A stop at Pea Soup Andersen's restaurant is a must for a California road trip.  Wearing green and the Anthropologie Vine skirt from Odille seemed like a cute choice for a restaurant with peas as their theme.           

Not only is the split pea soup delicious, but their Danish Cookies are a tasty treat.  I ended up with two cute pails that can be used as storage containers after the cookies are gone.  They look like a cute handbag.     


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