Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Dreaded Cat Cone

The last two weeks have been filled with doctor appointments, with last week being so sad for Dr.Bombay.  Since we adopted him, we have only let him outside with our other cats a few times and because he seems so scared, we decided to keep him as indoor only.  But he has been able to sneak outside and the last outing resulted in an abscess on his chin.  We suspect the mean male Siamese down the street that attacked our other cat three years ago.            

 He is a little Houdini, very crafty at sliding his claws in the door to pry it open.  Although most cats can open doors, he seems to work harder at escaping which could be something he learned to do living at the animal shelter for so long.  On another day, we came home after running errands to discover that he had somehow removed his cone.
The hardest part is that when we took him into the vet, he looked so sad, probably fearing that he was going back to a shelter.  He still does not like being picked up and held, so giving him a compress on the wound was unsuccessful.          
The first photo shows me happier after seeing my primary care doctor at the end of the week.  The last picture was on the day I was consumed with worry and visited my gynecologist.  I am a such a hypochondriac and both doctors put me at ease, but they think I am an excessive worrier.  My gynecologist suspects perimenopause.  I'm grateful that my two medical doctors and therapist are helping me on a road to recovery with my anxiety.           
Skirt one: Old hawaiian midi skirt from the old closed down Mervyns department store.
Skirt two: Old Anthropologie Odille.  I bought from consignment store.
Shirt in both photos: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC.
Necklace one: Old Target sea creatures.
Necklace two: Old Anthropologie.
Shoes in both photos: Target Ona flat.


  1. Oh Stacey. Anxiety is not fun. I am so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery from it. And celebrating with such lovely bright colors!! Your outfit reminds me of Florida - which I loooove.
    Poor Dr. Bombay. So sad for cats wearing cones. We have a cat that constantly wants to go outside too and he breaks my heart trying to get out. He too is a scaredy cat and I just don't trust him to not get lost or get picked on.

    1. Anxiety is a real pain but I have been working hard with my "tools" I learned in therapy. Thank you for the nice compliment about the outfits and their Florida colors.
      It is sad when cats walk around the house with the cone, bumping into furniture. It's also sad that the other two cats go outside in the day time but we don't allow Bombay. We would love to build a Catio as Jackson Galaxy calls them and build it around a tree because they love climbing real trees.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. I, too, have anxiety. It can be crippling. I understand what you are going through. I am glad that you are feeling better. You look pretty in both of the photos. That is a fantastic top that it can be paired with so many skirts. I do not have enough topsike that in my closet. Blue is such a good color on you.

    Poor Dr. Bombay! I feel so bad for him. That cone does not look comfortable. Hopefully he will get it off soon.


    1. Thank you Jenni,
      You seem to handle the anxiety well. Especially with Comic Con!
      Bombay only had the cone on for one night before he managed to sneak out of it. He is doing much better now.
      Have a great day,



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