Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homemade Vintage Dresses

One of the fun discoveries when shopping for vintage clothing are homemade dresses.  I do enjoy owning clothes with charming old labels but there is something thrilling about finding a crafty item from days gone by.     
The prices are usually cheaper when no tags are present so it's easier to treat yourself. I fell in love
with this 50's style dress with daffodils last year at one of my favorite consignment shops.  Although the zipper is old and the dress has a 50's shape, research on the fabric should reveal a true date.                     

Pumps: Chinese Laundry yellow Giggle.
Necklace: Target yellow plastic beads, a few years old.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Closet Cleanout Discoveries

Staying with the orange theme, I wore this dress that has Ann Taylor Loft on the tag.  I tried to find out online when they dropped the Ann Taylor Loft title but came up empty.  But Loft is still part of the Ann Taylor brand.  
I'm guessing this dress is from 2004 and I was surprised to find the sales tag still on.  I used to be so bad about shopping and not wearing my new clothes.  Now the time has come to wear these not so new clothes.       

The ruffles on this older J.Crew cardigan had me puzzled to why I ever bought this a few years ago.  It was just another impulse buy that luckily came in handy during the cool morning before the heat set in.   

I am happy to leave a positive review on the Eggo pumpkin waffles.  I bought the last box at Target on Sunday and they are delicious.  I especially like them with butter and a hint of syrup.  

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, old.
Cardigan: J.Crew, old.
Shoes: J.Crew Soludos, a few years old.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pumpkin Flavored Foods

Lately I have been having fun discovering old and forgotten clothes in my closet.  The dresses have been the most fun to go through and I have been trying to get as much wear out of these summer items before the colder temperatures hit.        

I'm still holding on tightly to summer and yesterday I pulled this cute floral handbag from the wall where I hang my decorative purses.  But I am gradually embracing the idea that Fall is here and went ahead and decorated for Halloween this past weekend. 

With the Halloween decorations popping up everywhere, so too are the pumpkin flavored foods.  I have never seen so many pumpkin flavored items in my life and my theory is it possibly started with good ole Starbucks.  For years people have been giddy every time the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino hits the famous coffee house so maybe the other company's want to capture the pumpkin excitement.      

I'm one of the pumpkin lovers out there and I have been grabbing pumpkin related items off the store shelves.  I'm starting to wonder however if these companies are forgetting to do taste test focus groups, because I'm not quite tasting the pumpkin.  This was the case with the Entenmann's pumpkin donuts I mentioned on my last post.    
I will give the pumpkin Pop Tarts a B+.  I can taste the pumpkin but it is mild.  I would recommend this for a fun snack that tastes like a mild pumpkin pie.  
I expected more from one of my favorites, Quaker Oatmeal.  I have enjoyed Quaker Oatmeal since I was a kid but I think they left out the pumpkin in their oatmeal.  I will be nice and give it a C for the nutmeg content.  I love nutmeg and this oatmeal should be called Nutmeg Flavored.       

Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for QVC, older.
Handbag: Vintage Enid Collins.
Necklace: Forever 21 owl, older.
Shoes: Talbots espadrilles, older.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Embracing the Peplum

I'm glad to hear that peplums are still around, as I definitely need them for maxi skirts.  At five foot four, I have never fully embraced long dresses and skirts since they have always been too long. 
My trick for making maxis work is by rolling the top of my skirt to raise the hem.  This then calls for either the shirt tail staying out or the peplum blouse.        
I recently purchased a cute peplum blouse from Forever 21 with fun floral colors.  This is one of those stores that you have to be careful with the impulse buy, but this blouse had a vintage quality that appealed to me.  Most of the merchandise seems too young for me, but it's a lot of fun when I do come across something that is vintage inspired or more sophisticated.     
The last Anthropologie sale was a fun one and I was happy to find this orange Zocalo skirt on a great sale.  My frustration about the Anthropologie maxi skirts is that the petites sell out too quickly.  Since I wait for sales, by the time the desired skirt hits sale, petites are long gone.  I don't wear petite sizes but since maxis are so long, a petite size helps with the length problem.               
I bought this turtle necklace at Target about a year ago and it reminded me so much of J.Crew.  I love the whole knock off market or as they say, fast fashion.  Some people balk at the idea, but hey, not everyone can afford top designers.
Nice try Entenmann's, but the pumpkin is not quite pumpkin enough.
I got so excited when I saw a few boxes of these sitting on the store shelf.  I love pumpkin, Entenmann's, and most anything dessert related so I had to pounce.  I would not even bother with this one since you can barely taste pumpkin or even spices for that matter.

Skirt: Anthropologie Zocalo by Maeve.
Blouse: Forever 21 Floral Print Peplum Top. Only medium left online. 
Necklace: Target turtle. 
Shoes: Talbots orange leather espadrilles. Older.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flawed Dress

This time, Bombay didn't ruin the dress.  
I was so disappointed when I received my Rhododendron dress from Anthropologie, only to find three areas of holes in the lace.
I was nervous as usual when I pulled the lovely garment of pink from the tissue.  At first, I felt a sense of relief when the bodice passed the test, but when I hung the dress on the hanger, I spotted the big hole.    
It looks like a moth had a feast, with the biggest hole being on the bottom front.  This is sometimes the chance I take when ordering a sales item straight from a store instead of the website, especially when there is an additional 20% off to sweeten the deal.  So now it's back to the pop back search game.             

On a positive note, there are some nice Crepe Myrtle trees in bloom this fall.   

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vintage Cat Handbag

 A hot day calls for a light cotton dress and the fun part is adding all the fun accessories.  I did leave off one of my favorites, the necklace, because the eyelet lace was jewelry enough.       

I rarely bring out my vintage handbags which is a shame.  Sometimes it's just easier to grab my everyday handbag that has everything I need packed inside. 
I decided to take the time to dust the jewels off of this cute cat purse with a cotton ball and bring her along.         

At first I had a brief feeling of silly, wondering if a forty-something woman should be walking around with a fairly worn, old handbag.  But it's so cute, I quickly banished the thought. 
If I'm going to be doing a lot of walking, I love to wear the Lands End Gatas shoes that feel like slippers.  

Dress: Isaac Mizrahi Eyelet Trim dress for QVC.
Handbag: Vintage Enid Collins.
Belt: Anthropologie Stepping Stone Stretch Belt. From last year.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hawaiian Pa'u Skirts

On my recent trip to Maui, I went shopping at Hilo Hattie and found a colorful display of cotton fifties style skirts.  The display described them as being Pa'u skirts and according to realhula.com, they are, "the quintessential garment for the hula dancer."         

My daughter and I each bought one and I am now in love with these skirts.  They have many pretty prints that are vintage looking and because of the typical characteristic of having many rows of elastic at the waist, they are very comfortable.   

Skirt: Royal Hawaiian Creations purchased at the Maui Hilo Hattie.
Shirt: Victoria's Secret Moda, old.
Necklace: Joan Rivers Garden Glam for QVC.  Was thinking of her when I wore this to a family gathering on Sunday.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas.   


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