Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flawed Dress

This time, Bombay didn't ruin the dress.  
I was so disappointed when I received my Rhododendron dress from Anthropologie, only to find three areas of holes in the lace.
I was nervous as usual when I pulled the lovely garment of pink from the tissue.  At first, I felt a sense of relief when the bodice passed the test, but when I hung the dress on the hanger, I spotted the big hole.    
It looks like a moth had a feast, with the biggest hole being on the bottom front.  This is sometimes the chance I take when ordering a sales item straight from a store instead of the website, especially when there is an additional 20% off to sweeten the deal.  So now it's back to the pop back search game.             

On a positive note, there are some nice Crepe Myrtle trees in bloom this fall.   


  1. Whew! So glad Bombay was not the guilty one. I cannot believe that a dress with a big hole would get sent out to you. How frustrating. Anthro needs to get it together! Especially since the dress is so pretty. That pink is gorgeous! You look fantastic in that color. I hope you can find it again!

  2. Thank you for the nice compliment! This dress is a hard one to pass up since it is in one of my favorite colors.
    I was wondering the same thing about this dress being sent to me. I don't know how anyone could miss that big hole in the front.
    Have a nice day,



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