Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hawaiian Pa'u Skirts

On my recent trip to Maui, I went shopping at Hilo Hattie and found a colorful display of cotton fifties style skirts.  The display described them as being Pa'u skirts and according to realhula.com, they are, "the quintessential garment for the hula dancer."         

My daughter and I each bought one and I am now in love with these skirts.  They have many pretty prints that are vintage looking and because of the typical characteristic of having many rows of elastic at the waist, they are very comfortable.   

Skirt: Royal Hawaiian Creations purchased at the Maui Hilo Hattie.
Shirt: Victoria's Secret Moda, old.
Necklace: Joan Rivers Garden Glam for QVC.  Was thinking of her when I wore this to a family gathering on Sunday.
Shoes: Lands End Gatas.   


  1. Oh my goodness those prints are incredible! How did you resist the urge not to buy out the whole store!

    1. I agree with you, I'm already wishing that I bought more. They run about $40 so at the time I was thinking that they were not cheap but if you think about Anthropologie prices, it's not so bad. I even checked out the Hilo Hattie website but there is only one by a different designer and it's $60.
      California has a lot of Hawaiian influence so I think we can probably find them at Hawaiian themed stores. Let the search begin!
      Have a nice day,

  2. I love that skirt. The pattern is fabulous and what a wonderful way to remember the trip.

    You know how you liked that green skirt? It is from Girls from Savoy via Anthro. It looks like they carry the same skirt in different colors and it is now on sale and they have doing an additional 30% off. I love the pink color they carry.


    1. I have always loved Hawaiian prints so it's fun to find clothing that fits my style of dressing.
      Thank you for the heads up about the green skirt. I will check it out.
      This last Anthropologie sale was great in that I was able to pick up a lot of wish listed items on sale plus the 20%. The shipping and tax put a little damper on it though. You just have to deal with it when you are an Anthropologie fan.
      Have a great day,



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