Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holding on to Warm Weather

Hot weather is coming to an end so I wanted to get some last minute Lilly Pulitzer in.  This was a cute dress I bought for a great deal on Ebay a few years ago.  
I love the inside lace trim with the embroidered Lilly name inside.  It's also fun to play a hunt and find game with the fabric and find Lilly hidden in different areas of the prints.  I'm not sure if this is true with all Lilly Pulitzer fabric, but the pieces I own have the Lilly's hidden throughout.             

Monday, October 20, 2014

Moth Control

The Merona skirt from Target that I am wearing could be about ten years old. This was one of the goodies I found hidden in my closet recently.  It's a draped rayon that looks like a sarong but has an elastic waist instead of ties like a true sarong.  It was originally an impulse buy, but I love it now.       
Every time I mention that I have found a long lost item in my closet, it makes it sound like I have one of those huge dream closets that make me melt when they show up on reality shows.   
The reality is that I don't  have walk in closets, but just strict moth/silver fish control.  Over the years I have purchased plastic garment bags from Kmart and Target and gradually transported a lot of  clothing into them.     
Some of the garment bags are hard to see through and therefore it's easy to forget what I have.
I want to note that the closet experts always suggest cloth garment bags, but I added the plastic bags because it was convenient to grab and go whenever I remembered how destructive moths and silver fish can be.  I also have crushed dried lavender from my garden in my closet as well since I have heard that lavender is a moth repellent.        
Cats can be destructive as I have mentioned in past blogs.  No damage was done to my Kohls Peter Som skirt and I did know better than to drape it over a chair for a while before putting it away.  The cord belt was the allure for the kitty, as I came upon the skirt on the ground with the belt pulled in a straight line.

Handbag: Vintage Theodor of California.
Skirt: Target Merona, old.
Shirt: Ann Taylor outlet from summer 2013.
Shoes: Target Ona flats.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello Fall

I have been really nervous about germs lately and because this is suppose to be a light hearted blog, I don't want to dwell on anything that has been in the news lately, yikes.  With that said, it is flu shot time and I wanted to get the vaccine before we get further into the season.      

On Friday I bribed my daughter with a Jamba Juice so she would agree to go to one of the local pharmacies and get flu shots.  We had to wait a little too long for the pharmacy tech to come out and then I had a bout of panic when I saw that he was not unwrapping new needles.  I of course questioned this, which bugged him, but he then showed me how a retractable needle works.  Still, I was left uncomfortable because he acted like a rude jerk.                    
This darling dog was in an elderly lady's cart in front of us in line.  After fawning over his cuteness, my daughter asked if she could pet him and then I asked if we could take his picture.  We were like tourists in Hollywood who just spotted a celebrity.    

The lady was sweet about it and only seemed mildly distracted as she tried to continue business with the employee.  I overheard her mention that her husband had died a week ago and I then felt a little bad about us oohing and aahing over her dog.  My concern turned to relief when she mentioned that it was probably good for him to get all of this extra attention.               
I don't want to see the hot weather go and this includes the last hurrah with the summer outfits.  On a particularly hot day last week, I found this Peter Som skirt I bought at Kohls this summer to be very comfortable.  It's light and airy with a loose elastic waist so you can actually eat while wearing it.        
One last picture of this cutie, just because.  The photo credits belong to my daughter who loves photography. 

Skirt: Peter Som for Kohls.  Last spring/summer.
Shirt: August Silk from Marshalls, about three years old.
Shoes: Payless brown Montego Bay Club wedges, about four years old. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fun Clothing Discoveries

During my closet cleaning project, I have been coming across clothing that are truly diamonds in the rough.  Items that you would never guess came from certain stores.  This is the case with my old Victoria's Secret skirt with bright cabbage roses printed all over.   
I remember seeing this cotton skirt in the VS catalog and thinking how out of place it was amongst all the skimpy garments.  With my love of vintage, it was an easy purchase for me and currently if you want to find something this retro, your best bet is to shop places like ModCloth or Anthropologie.
While on the topic of retro items, I found these cute drinking glasses at the Dollar Tree that depict vintage era appliances.  I didn't buy any since I have more than enough glasses but they are perfect for someone who loves vintage.      
Skirt: Victoria's Secret Hugo Buscati.  Old.
Shirt: Anthropologie Deletta Gathering Tee, no longer available.
Shoes: Gap pointed toe flats, older.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Turning a Dress into a Skirt

During my Maxi dress/skirt kick this year, one of my pet peeves has been all of the halter style dresses that I wish were a skirt instead.  There have been so many cute colors and prints, but halter dresses have never been my style.  

But last week I did an easy, crafty, presto chango and turned a Lilly Pulitzer looking Kmart dress into a skirt.  However, I have to give credit where credit is due.
About a month ago, I noticed one of the moms at my daughter's school in a darling printed skirt.  When I inquired where she bought it, she informed me that it was a Kmart dress that she just cut the top off.  Instant skirt!    
This was one of those, "why didn't I ever think of that," moments.  So last week while shopping at Kmart, I spotted the Selena Gomez dress on a major clearance.  There is a greenish hued dress as well and sizes are really limited online.  Checking your local Kmart is the best option.

While cutting the dress, I carefully came close to the elastic waist part because I wanted to get as much length out as I could.  It is still long on me, so I roll it about two times at my waist and wear a longer tee to cover up the waist.   

Dress/Skirt: Kmart Dream Out Loud Selena Gomez Junior's Maxi dress in Paisley.
Shirt: Anthropologie Deletta Gathering tank. Older.
Shoes: Payless Montego Bay Club wedges about four years old.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Best Old Forever 21 Skirt

Yesterday I was just feeling off and under the weather.  But it was just a normal female situation, so rather than allowing female biology to keep me down, I embraced the nice sunny day.  I saw this skirt hanging in the closet and didn't hesitate to wear it since it was filled with cheerful colors.  

It's always annoying when I put off taking a blog photo.  This was taken right before dinner and the last thing I wanted to do was have my picture taken.  But I did it for the skirt, this cute, cotton floral skirt that I bought from Forever 21 about five years ago.  It even has a cotton lining underneath that you don't usually find in the cheaper stores. 
The Isaac Mizrahi necklace I'm wearing was a take off on candy necklaces and it's no longer available from QVC.  I wanted to show closeups of the skirt so I added a vintage necklace in one picture that would also look good with it.  I bought it at a garage sale years ago and it now needs to be repaired.  I'm not sure if I should tackle fixing the clasp myself or if it should be restrung by a jeweler.    


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