Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello Fall

I have been really nervous about germs lately and because this is suppose to be a light hearted blog, I don't want to dwell on anything that has been in the news lately, yikes.  With that said, it is flu shot time and I wanted to get the vaccine before we get further into the season.      

On Friday I bribed my daughter with a Jamba Juice so she would agree to go to one of the local pharmacies and get flu shots.  We had to wait a little too long for the pharmacy tech to come out and then I had a bout of panic when I saw that he was not unwrapping new needles.  I of course questioned this, which bugged him, but he then showed me how a retractable needle works.  Still, I was left uncomfortable because he acted like a rude jerk.                    
This darling dog was in an elderly lady's cart in front of us in line.  After fawning over his cuteness, my daughter asked if she could pet him and then I asked if we could take his picture.  We were like tourists in Hollywood who just spotted a celebrity.    

The lady was sweet about it and only seemed mildly distracted as she tried to continue business with the employee.  I overheard her mention that her husband had died a week ago and I then felt a little bad about us oohing and aahing over her dog.  My concern turned to relief when she mentioned that it was probably good for him to get all of this extra attention.               
I don't want to see the hot weather go and this includes the last hurrah with the summer outfits.  On a particularly hot day last week, I found this Peter Som skirt I bought at Kohls this summer to be very comfortable.  It's light and airy with a loose elastic waist so you can actually eat while wearing it.        
One last picture of this cutie, just because.  The photo credits belong to my daughter who loves photography. 

Skirt: Peter Som for Kohls.  Last spring/summer.
Shirt: August Silk from Marshalls, about three years old.
Shoes: Payless brown Montego Bay Club wedges, about four years old. 


  1. I'd freak out too if I didn't see a fresh new needle being opened.

    I love the colours in the skirt.


    1. Thank you. It's a fun skirt with nice peachy tones.
      Yes, the flu shot situation was new to me and I'm glad I asked about it.
      Have a great afternoon,

  2. I'd ask about the needle too!

    What a cute dog!

    1. Even though I'm a cat person, I have noticed so many cute dogs out and about lately. More people are bringing them into stores and I don't mind this as long as they are not scary looking!
      Have a nice afternoon,

  3. Oh wow! You had every right to question that needle. Some doctors think they are so superior that they shouldn't be questioned - that how dare you question me?! attitude makes me angry. I have been at Kaiser Permanente for a few years now and all of my doctors happen to be women in their twenties and thirties. I LOVE that. Every single one is sweet - listens to me - is reassuring - and doesn't pretend to know it all.
    Your daughter is a fantastic photographer. Those photos of the dog are great!

    1. My daughter says, "thank you!" She is very artsy and loved your compliment about the dog pictures. She loves the Penelope and Marcy stories and has been inspired to do her own stories with our cats.
      All of my doctors are women which I prefer. For our flu shots, we just went to Walgreens since last year we had decent service. I think I will go to a medical clinic next year.
      Have a great evening,



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