Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Best Old Forever 21 Skirt

Yesterday I was just feeling off and under the weather.  But it was just a normal female situation, so rather than allowing female biology to keep me down, I embraced the nice sunny day.  I saw this skirt hanging in the closet and didn't hesitate to wear it since it was filled with cheerful colors.  

It's always annoying when I put off taking a blog photo.  This was taken right before dinner and the last thing I wanted to do was have my picture taken.  But I did it for the skirt, this cute, cotton floral skirt that I bought from Forever 21 about five years ago.  It even has a cotton lining underneath that you don't usually find in the cheaper stores. 
The Isaac Mizrahi necklace I'm wearing was a take off on candy necklaces and it's no longer available from QVC.  I wanted to show closeups of the skirt so I added a vintage necklace in one picture that would also look good with it.  I bought it at a garage sale years ago and it now needs to be repaired.  I'm not sure if I should tackle fixing the clasp myself or if it should be restrung by a jeweler.    


  1. My goodness - a Forever 21 skirt with a cotton lining! Awesome. Love the floral. The skirt looks like it's from Anthropologie.

  2. I agree, it does look like Anthropologie. I love finds like this.
    By the way, the Anthropologie dress you put on your blog that you love is on sale today. Give it another look!
    Happy shopping,

  3. That skirt is so cheerful. It reminds me of the Anthropologie skirt I own which name escapes me this late at night. Maybe if I wear it I can get out of this funk. I love that skirt on you. You look so pretty I would never know that this was taken at the end of the day.


    1. Thank you Jenni. I love that we are both shopping our closets and I would love to see the skirt you are talking about. I'm trying to milk the last days of nice weather and wear summer clothes.
      I'm sorry you are in such a funk. I hope the baking and blogging helps. If you keep a journal it can help too.
      I'm glad you are sharing your feelings and not keeping them bottled up. You are not alone. I had a rough end of June and then July with my anxiety building. I'm so glad I have a great gynecologist, general practice doctor and therapist that all three gave me the same advice and set me on a course to feel better. I want to talk about it in a future blog.
      Take care,

  4. I can see why you love this skirt. The colours are so pretty!

    I never would have known that this shot was taken at the end of the day. You look fresh as a daisy : )


    1. Thank you! It's nice to know that other people can't tell when I have melted at the end of the day.
      This skirt does have great colors and I'm glad I found it a few years back.
      Have a great day,



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