Monday, November 24, 2014

Mike Benet Dress

I have been doing extremely well shopping thrift stores lately.  Just when I think that every treasure has been picked over and found, I come across fun items like this Mike Benet dress at Goodwill for $12.                    
It is in outstanding condition considering it is most likely from the 60's.  I did find out that the company started in the early 60's but some people have mistaken the dresses for 1950's formal dresses.  

The sequin work is gorgeous and although I had never heard of Benet dresses before, I'm now hooked.  I found a pink one on Ebay that I would buy in a heartbeat if it wasn't $200.  It's hard to go from $12-$200!
So the great news is that old houses are still being cleaned out, collector's downsize at times and the sellers of antique/vintage items retire from the business.    

My BCBGirls pumps look perfect with the dress since they are a yellow with a hint of sparkle. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bits of Fall

This is the first year that I have decided to hold on to fall and not jump into Christmas right away.  I will keep our tradition of decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but until then, it's all about the fall and not winter. 

This outfit and picture did not turn out the way I wanted, but as I was putting together a fall theme, the pumpkin won. 

Flowers on my dining room table means that my daughter has completed yet another play.  The play at her school used to be in the spring but this school year, it was held in the fall.  

Disclaimer: Mom Brag Alert!  So the kidlit went from playing an old lady in the spring, Marta in The Sound of Music during the summer and recently, a singing Minstrel that contained more lines than she has ever had.  We were both nervous but she ended up doing great and so did McDonalds which came in handy for late night quick meals on performance nights.      
My new mini obsession is candles.  It started a few weeks back when I walked into Anthropologie and smelled an incredible scent.  The Pumpkin Souffle Boulangerie flavor by Illume has "natural food grade ingredients" and is, "clean burning."  This of course goes for the other flavors. 
After the Halloween decorations came down and Thanksgiving went up I put up the few Thanksgiving decorations that I have.  The Holiday Hostess Thanksgiving Feast Barbie that came out in 2010 for Barbie club members is one of my favorites in her 50's style dress.  The Pilgrim Barbie is from 1994.
I keep the pumpkin soup tureen from Williams Sonoma up year round.

The Anthropologie candle is still available along with other nice scents.  The clothing below is no longer available.  

Shirt:  Anthropologie Chatty tee in fruit print.
Cardigan: Anthropologie.
Jeans: Wit and Wisdom.
Shoes: Keds.   

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bewitched Fashion

I'm sad that my favorite month is over.  Boo hoo!  At least the weather is going to be nice this week with plenty of sun.  We survived Trick or Treating in the rain and the Fall Festival but sadly it's time to pack up the Witches and other decorations.   
Speaking of Witches, we have been obsessed with the old TV show Bewitched ever since we picked up the DVD set at Costco.  I'm glad my daughter loves it and can take a break from the current obnoxious kid shows she watches.      

I loved the first season wardrobe for Samantha Stevens.  Since the show started in 1964, the dresses still have a 50's look but not as puffy.  This dress I'm wearing is very similar to what Elizabeth Montgomery wore on the first season.  We are only on the second season now and she has been pregnant for most of the beginning.  I hope the nice dresses appear soon, now that we are at the part where Tabitha has been born.        
I have always loved 50's dresses but this early 60's style without the crinoline petticoats make for a less costume look for everyday.  I also love the 3/4 sleeves which is another characteristic in the shows first season's dresses.  I'm now hooked on these dresses and have been searching for vintage and new in this style.  I was lucky to find this dress at ModCloth where I had a store credit that I used on top of a sale.
These are just a few of my decorations that I will soon be putting away.  The fabric one below is one of my favorite witches by Gathering Traditions.  I used to see this style for years every Halloween but this year was just a bad year for decorations.  There were mostly skeletons everywhere instead of my favorites, witches and black cats.
 Dress: ModCloth Star Studded Performance by Emily and Fin.  A few sizes left in comets like mine.  Coming soon in a feather print. 
 Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target in copper.  Old.


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