Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Recreating a Late Sixties Look

It's so nice when fun backgrounds fall into my lap.  This was the case when our local high school kids built one of the homecoming floats on our street.  For quite a few years now, we have enjoyed seeing these floats come to life in the neighborhood.  So it was about time I took advantage of the scenery.         

One of the great things about this maxi skirt that I bought from Anthropologie this past summer is the waistband.  Since I have to roll maxi skirt waistbands because of my height, this particular skirt had a nice design that acted like a pretty belt after rolling it down.

By pairing my vintage Alice of California polyester top to this skirt, I established that late 60's early 70's outfit that I have always liked.  This top/blouse was a Goodwill find about five years ago and since then I have been a fan of Alice of California.     

I have been wanting to try the Philosophy shower gels but decided on the Bath and Body Works because of their generous sales.  While doing some last minute shopping at Marshalls, I found these flavors that smell incredible and were only $12.99.  Even though I am keeping these, the annoying thing about Marshalls is that if you want to buy items as gifts, the price tags are the stickiest tags to remove.              
Skirt: Anthropologie Parana Maxi by Cecilia Prado.
Top: Vintage Alice of California.
Shoes: Liz Claiborne gold pumps.
Necklace: Anthropologie Anguilla.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Temporary Crown Hell

The latest nice Christmas news is that I splurged on this vintage brooch and earring set at Goodwill for $24.  The price seems high for Goodwill but in cases like these, I use my trick of asking myself if I would pay this price in a vintage shop.  It's just a good reminder to remember that as long as I love the item and I think it is a fair price, I should just buy it. 
The light lavender background that the jewelry is sitting on are my new AG Stevie Sateen jeans that are my new favorite pants.   
This cute little owl ornament, along with my AG jeans earned me a popper from Anthropologie on Black Friday.  I let my daughter choose if she wanted to open it in the store or at home with the reminder that if we opened it at home, we may miss out if we got the candy gift.  She wanted to wait and when we opened it at home, it was the card to receive the candy stick.  Oops!            
The latest not nice Christmas news is having to deal with a temporary crown on my lower back molar for two weeks.  It's hard to indulge in fun festive foods when you have to try and chew on one side of your mouth.  Even with all my careful eating, the temporary fell off last Friday night which meant a weekend of exposed tooth without a crown.  
I can now write a manual of how to live with this situation.  Microwave all cold soft foods and don't go above 100 degrees for warm drinks like coffee.  For me, I found that I could not go over or under the 100 degree mark.       
Meatloaf has become my new best friend since it is so hearty and quenches my hunger.
Wednesday cannot come soon enough when I hit the two week mark and my new crown arrives.   

The blue birds and pine cone above are part of the Anthropologie holiday display.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fun Thrifting Finds

This needlepoint handbag caught my eye a few months back in one of my local consignment shops but I did not pursue it for fear of an impulse buy.  I recently gave it a second look and became more interested when viewing the vintage looking hardware on both the clasp and the feet on the bottom.              
Although the owner did not know for sure, together we just assumed that the hardware was a good clue that it could be vintage.  The confusing part is that the needlepoint is in excellent condition and there is no tag inside, so it is hard to know for sure.  We both agreed that the chain strap had been added and was not original due to the cheaper quality.  I was amazed by the price of $11, marked down from $22.          
I confess that this skirt was an impulse buy.  But it was hard for me to resist an unworn Odille skirt from Anthropologie with the original tags, marked $28.     

The next purchase came from Goodwill, which I have been having all sorts of fun with lately.  For $12 and a mere 29 cents, I lucked out on this cute Siamese pair.  I have been wanting one of these old mid-century TV lamps but never fully pursued it.  So I was in awe when I saw this piece on the bottom shelf at Goodwill and actually hesitated, wondering if the man next to me was going to dive in.  I slowly reached for it, feeling success upon grasping the item and then proceeded to hold on the best I could for fear of dropping it.      

This was a cute furry visitor at the consignment shop that I just had to snap a picture of.


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