Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fun Thrifting Finds

This needlepoint handbag caught my eye a few months back in one of my local consignment shops but I did not pursue it for fear of an impulse buy.  I recently gave it a second look and became more interested when viewing the vintage looking hardware on both the clasp and the feet on the bottom.              
Although the owner did not know for sure, together we just assumed that the hardware was a good clue that it could be vintage.  The confusing part is that the needlepoint is in excellent condition and there is no tag inside, so it is hard to know for sure.  We both agreed that the chain strap had been added and was not original due to the cheaper quality.  I was amazed by the price of $11, marked down from $22.          
I confess that this skirt was an impulse buy.  But it was hard for me to resist an unworn Odille skirt from Anthropologie with the original tags, marked $28.     

The next purchase came from Goodwill, which I have been having all sorts of fun with lately.  For $12 and a mere 29 cents, I lucked out on this cute Siamese pair.  I have been wanting one of these old mid-century TV lamps but never fully pursued it.  So I was in awe when I saw this piece on the bottom shelf at Goodwill and actually hesitated, wondering if the man next to me was going to dive in.  I slowly reached for it, feeling success upon grasping the item and then proceeded to hold on the best I could for fear of dropping it.      

This was a cute furry visitor at the consignment shop that I just had to snap a picture of.


  1. Stacey, I think you need to open you own shop! You have such an eye for finding such gems at such low prices and are so good at finding out the history of those items, I bet you could make a mint. What about an eBay or Etsy shop?
    Those cats are so great!

    1. Funny that you should say that since I have been thinking about Etsy a lot lately. I used to sell dolls like Barbie on Ebay back in the nineties when the market was great. About four years ago I sold some Barbies and the market was awful. But it would be fun to set up a shop with a variety of items including of course, vintage clothes.
      Have a great weekend,

  2. Wow you did so well! You and I would do well thrifting together. Scratch that. I think we might fight over the same stuff! LOL


  3. I agree that we would want the same things! I always love seeing all of your estate sale and vintage shop finds and they always look they were tailor made for you.
    Continued success in your shopping,



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