Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Recreating a Late Sixties Look

It's so nice when fun backgrounds fall into my lap.  This was the case when our local high school kids built one of the homecoming floats on our street.  For quite a few years now, we have enjoyed seeing these floats come to life in the neighborhood.  So it was about time I took advantage of the scenery.         

One of the great things about this maxi skirt that I bought from Anthropologie this past summer is the waistband.  Since I have to roll maxi skirt waistbands because of my height, this particular skirt had a nice design that acted like a pretty belt after rolling it down.

By pairing my vintage Alice of California polyester top to this skirt, I established that late 60's early 70's outfit that I have always liked.  This top/blouse was a Goodwill find about five years ago and since then I have been a fan of Alice of California.     

I have been wanting to try the Philosophy shower gels but decided on the Bath and Body Works because of their generous sales.  While doing some last minute shopping at Marshalls, I found these flavors that smell incredible and were only $12.99.  Even though I am keeping these, the annoying thing about Marshalls is that if you want to buy items as gifts, the price tags are the stickiest tags to remove.              
Skirt: Anthropologie Parana Maxi by Cecilia Prado.
Top: Vintage Alice of California.
Shoes: Liz Claiborne gold pumps.
Necklace: Anthropologie Anguilla.


  1. Love the outfit! So retro in a good way!And what a fabulous phot op with those colorful balloons! Perfect!
    Isn't there something you can buy called goo gone that gets those stickers off? Or is that from a long time ago and they no longer make it?

    1. Hi and thank you! I love new backgrounds for blogging and the balloons were pretty great.
      I think they still sell Goo Gone and that's a good idea for gifts.
      By the way, I discovered a new blog called Catsparella.com that looks like a cat blog. I have yet to check it out fully but it looks like it may be fun.
      Have a great and restful week,

  2. I love the backdrop with the float and balloons - so whimsical! Did your outfit just happen to match the bright, punchy colors of the balloons, or did you do it on purpose?

    How did I miss this skirt from Anthro? It looks like a piece I would wear myself! That's so cool how the waistband folds over to look like a belt. I just assumed it was one of Anthro's fanciful beaded or cloth belts. Smart, Stacey!

    I hope you enjoy the holidays with your family!

    <3 Liz

    1. This does look like a Liz skirt! You probably missed this the same way I tend to miss Anthropologie clothing. I have noticed that so many things may look boring on the website only to look great in person. This one stood out to me and I must have wish listed it early on. The waistband is so great, I wish most maxis would be this way.
      I had been wanting to pair this vintage blouse with the skirt for awhile and the balloons were a good motivator to get dressed up and do a photo shoot.
      I want to visit your blog soon. You and Gnome Lover are so disciplined with your blogging, I need to catch up!
      Have a great holiday week,

  3. I thought it was a belt! How fab that you can roll it and it looks so perfect! I love this outfit. It is cheery and fun. The float is the perfect backdrop. I just love that picture. You look happy and beautiful. I remember that skirt, but thought it would be too short on me. I am sorry I missed it. It is so pretty!

    Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Jenni! I love that the rolled down waist looks like a pretty belt. It is such a pretty skirt and I'm sure Anthropologie will offer more nice ones this spring and summer. I find that if I miss out on a cute article of clothing, Anthro brings out something similar the following season.
      Nice to hear from everyone again,



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