Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teacher of the Arts Look

I have been enjoying dressing like an art teacher for social gatherings lately and for me this starts with a comfortable dress.  Then when I add ballerina flats and leggings for warmth, I feel transformed into a bohemian teacher of the arts.  

This dress looks better in real life and not like a maternity outfit, I promise.  The print on this Garden Lace dress from Anthropologie is very me, old fashioned floral, but I was originally concerned with the length.  Now that I have embraced leggings, I can pretty much go any length of skirt now.
I was lucky to snag this elephant necklace at Anthropologie about three or so years ago.  It's made of brass and I love it.  I think it was about four years ago that Anthro had a brass duck bracelet that I missed out on.  It was so cute with little ducks all in a row.  I hope it will show up for sale on the secondary market someday.      
Originally I was going to scrap this picture, but I thought I would continue with the subject of leggings.  In both of these pictures I am in an old pair of Target leggings that have been sitting in my closet, most likely from the bad rap they have had in the fashion world.

On Halloween it was pouring rain during my sister's birthday lunch at a local restaurant.  Despite the cold and wet, I just was not in the mood for jeans.  I really wanted to float in as I mentioned before, as an artsy looking teacher lady and eat food without that pressure of a button and zipper.          

Honestly, for a stormy day and a ladies lunch with family and close friends, this long blouse with leggings was fine.  But I would reconsider this look for other public outings.  Maybe there is a little too much leggings as pants action going on here, but when leggings are worn with a dress or skirt, it's more of a fashion do in my opinion. 

My ballerina flats are my Jessica Simpson Leve style from Macys.
The floral blouse is an older Isaac Mizrahi from QVC and the necklace is an older Rachel Zoe for QVC.   
The red reading glasses are part of a three pack from Costco that also come with black and brown.  They have a cute rhinestone detail.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Blogging Reality

Like Halloween, Christmas allows us to let our creativity flow and bring a little humor to dressing.  I'm missing pointed ears in these pictures but I was still able to rock the Elf look with green tights and pointy toe shoes.  A sprinkling of deer on my dress added a little Elfie action too.      

This is my blogging reality.  I spotted this sweet honey of a ride in my parent's neighborhood on Christmas morning.  This is the perfect blog backdrop, an A+++ and I'm dressed for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  The blue deer dress outfit would have paired so nicely with the car and I had just been wearing it the night before, in the same neighborhood, on Christmas Eve.  Missed it by that much!                           

Dress: ModCloth Star Studded Performance in Deer by Emily and Fin.
Necklace: QVC Joan Rivers Jeweled Blossom in Goldtone.
Tights: Target Merona.
Shoes: Bronx green pumps, old.   ModCloth has a similar pair called It's a Date Wedge in teal.


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