Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cozy Sweater Coats

I have found a new love this year and it is the Sweater Coat.  This particular one from Anthropologie is warm, cozy and even has pockets.  But it almost was the one that got away.

In all of these pictures, I have the Strathmore sweater by Sparrow paired with Target's Mossimo Skinny jeans.  The only difference is the heel height of my older leopard shoes with the first pair being Etienne Aigner pumps.  I bought these from Ross years ago.      
It can be disappointing when you place an order with Anthropologie, only to have it cancelled after a few days.  This is the downside of waiting for deep discounts so I was disappointed when this sweater order got cancelled.  I was lucky with all of my sale items this winter and thanks to a pop back, I was able to capture this item.

I prefer the lower heels, like this Mossimo pair from Target.  I bought this yellow Anthropologie Ansley Metallic Infinity scarf during this past winter sale as well and it matches great with the sweater.    
Being in a rush on this particular cold morning, I decided on my Nine West flats and my hair pulled back as usual.     
I really like the look of pointed toe shoes with jeans and the leopard was a fun color scheme with the yellow.
Although these shoes are old, leopard shoes are everywhere.
Payless has these cute Jaclyn pumps.   I bought them in the red plaid.
Nine West has a lot, including one called the Martina that also comes in many great colors and prints.    

Keeping with the leopard theme, I decided to put Cranky Leo on my blog. 
Cranky Leo does not belong to us but because his owners have a dog, he spends more time in our yard.  He has a mean streak and tends to swat if anyone walks too close to him.  It doesn't matter that
I give him the leftover wet food my cats don't finish.  He still bats at me if I walk too quickly past.
I was lucky he didn't ruin my pair of leggings a few weeks back when I felt a claw and material being pulled as I rushed past.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I am in love with AG Stevie Sateen jeans for the pretty velvet look and the warmth they provide.  I bought this mauve pair in the spring and recently discovered how nicely it looks with my Tabitha cardigan and Kenneth Jay Lane necklace. 
The cardigan is an older Anthropologie item and although I received the necklace about two years ago, they are still available at QVC.  They are on sale now for $30 and I may buy another one, but I can't decide between a blue or green one.   

A week ago I wore this out to a lunch and found a cute tree to use as a backdrop.  I love the Gnome with the cute door and windows.  This makes me want to do something like this in my garden.   
It's that time of year again.  One of the homework assignments my daughter has every year has been to make Valentine cards for the students in the class.  This year I felt a sense of freedom, as I decided to leave it all up to her.  I did not mind buying the cards and candy, but she was to write all the cards out and tape the candies to each Valentine.     

At first my daughter was afraid my choice of Valentines was too "babyish." Her request was for cat and dog Valentines.  She wanted the ones with real pictures, not an origami craft theme, but she luckily warmed up to the cat ones when I told her how cute they were.  The dog ones are dopey but as you can see, the pink and grey color with the kitty gives it a retro feel.    
So with that, Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Casual Lace and Fun Necklaces

It's always fun to find Anthropologie styles in different shops, especially discount stores.  I just recently bought this casual shirt at Marshalls for $25 and it was the lace that sold me on it. The brand is For Cynthia and the sweatshirt material is kind of that cheapo cotton, but the way they twisted the front to look like a scarf with lace, turned it into an Anthro style.  It also came in red and the hoarder, I mean collector, in me wants a another one.      
January is my birthday month.  I dislike birthdays and January, but it was a sunny January and I love any excuse to treat myself to presents and chocolate cake.  So as a fan of Betsey Johnson jewelry, I bought this cute cat necklace and I also purchased the Haskell garden theme with the bees.     

Even though I just recently purchased the cat, it's no longer on the Macys website.  It may either pop back or if interested, check Macys stores or any other shops that carry Betsey Johnson.        

I had a hard time getting a good picture of the full necklace but at least the closeup came out cute.  I used old throw pillows from Cost Plus and I always liked this little rose shaped pillow.    

Jeans: Nordstrom Wit and Wisdom, older Mushroom color.
Shoes: Nine West older leopard.

Necklaces: Macys Betsey Johnson Cat.  Owl style.     

Necklace:  Macys Haskell Bumble Bee and Flower.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day means that spring is coming and winter is on its way out.  Even though I'm not a fan of winter, I have enjoyed wearing sweaters.  Last week when I was getting ready to attend a Baby Shower, I decided to wear my Tucker for Target floral dress and on a whim, I tried this Anthropologie cardigan with it.  This led to another Art Teacher look.        

I have been having a little fun in Marshalls lately, hunting for discount Philosophy shower washes and on one of my recent hauls I discovered Anne Klein fleece lined leggings.  They are warm and very comfortable.  They don't have that typical leggings,tights and the dreaded pantyhose feeling from days gone by.  I bought basic black but I would love to find these in other colors.             

I also picked up these pink flocked hangers from Marshalls which can also be found at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I love these because they are thin and take up less space in a closet.
After trying out the two Philosophy washes in Almond and Honey Buns, I'm in love.  My latest flavor purchases, along with the two below, is a Pear and a Vanilla Coconut.  I love bakery scents and these have a strong dessert smell.                               

I spotted these Valentine Twinkies at Nob Hill today and I must say that I'm curious.  Even though my daughter begged for them, I thought one treat in the cart (Nutter Butter Peanut Butter cookies) was enough.  We are a big dessert family, which means we have to keep a good balance of treats with the veggies, etc.  But I think I'm going to have to go back for these.        

Cardigan: Anthropologie Posey Patch from Tabitha.
Dress: Target Tucker floral dress.  Old.
Shoes: Jessica Simpson flats.
Leggings: Anne Klein fleece from Marshalls.  Found in the tights/socks section of the store.    


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