Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I am in love with AG Stevie Sateen jeans for the pretty velvet look and the warmth they provide.  I bought this mauve pair in the spring and recently discovered how nicely it looks with my Tabitha cardigan and Kenneth Jay Lane necklace. 
The cardigan is an older Anthropologie item and although I received the necklace about two years ago, they are still available at QVC.  They are on sale now for $30 and I may buy another one, but I can't decide between a blue or green one.   

A week ago I wore this out to a lunch and found a cute tree to use as a backdrop.  I love the Gnome with the cute door and windows.  This makes me want to do something like this in my garden.   
It's that time of year again.  One of the homework assignments my daughter has every year has been to make Valentine cards for the students in the class.  This year I felt a sense of freedom, as I decided to leave it all up to her.  I did not mind buying the cards and candy, but she was to write all the cards out and tape the candies to each Valentine.     

At first my daughter was afraid my choice of Valentines was too "babyish." Her request was for cat and dog Valentines.  She wanted the ones with real pictures, not an origami craft theme, but she luckily warmed up to the cat ones when I told her how cute they were.  The dog ones are dopey but as you can see, the pink and grey color with the kitty gives it a retro feel.    
So with that, Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Have a Happy Valentine's Day, Stacey! This is such a pretty valentine outfit that you could wear all season long. I remember lusting over this cardigan. The pinks and grays are a lovely combination, and the embroidery is just the sweetest. I quite like that necklace, too! It would go with everything in my closet! You do ladylike outfits so well, and this is a color combination I'd wear again and again.

    I hope your daughter had fun making valentines. I adore the retro feel of them. I picked up a valentine kit from Paper Source yesterday. It has glittery cards with images of vintage valentines. It also comes with stickers and ink stamps. I'm not feeling terribly creative at the moment, so this was a way to get crafty without having to do too much thinking or work.

    <3 Liz

    1. Thank you! This cardigan is one of those Anthropologie treasures. I think this same cardigan came in an oatmeal color with yellow embroidery.
      You should go to QVC for those necklaces. Kenneth Jay Lane makes great jewelry and I hope QVC continues selling his items. They have not had anything new for a long time so the items on the website have been there for a long time.
      I found the Valentines at Walgreens and I think there were only about two boxes left. They were selling better than all of the cartoon, Disney, etc. cards.
      Have a great afternoon,

  2. What a cool tree! I love your outfit. The details on the cardigan are so cute, and I love the pinkish grey pants.

    I agree with you... the cat valentines are cute! Hope you both have a great Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you and I hope you had a fun Valentines too!
      It's crazy how long it took me to wear these pants, especially with this cardigan. This fall, Anthro had these jeans in a pale lavender that was similar to this pale mauve. I bought different colors when they hit second markdowns and finally started wearing them and discovered how comfortable they are. The one mauve pair that I bought in the spring became buried in the closet when the weather warmed up and I moved to skirts.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. This color combo of pink and grey is just so pretty and romantic! I love it for your outfit and I love it for the Valentine's Day cards. Those cards are so perfect. I'm glad your daughter came around and likes them. Not babyish at all!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you! Pink and grey is one of my favorite color combos so this cardigan is perfect. Now I wish I had pursued the oatmeal and yellow combination in this cardigan. But I think this was the fall/winter when Anthropologie had a lot of great stuff and I can see where I would have had to hold myself back from buying too much.
      The cat cards were cute and I could see ModCloth selling something like it.
      Have a great rest of the day,



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