Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Funny French Bulldog Sweater

I found this funny Jaclyn Smith sweater last week at Kmart and my mind went to J.Crew.  Then I noticed the price of $4 and thought I couldn't go wrong with this impulse buy.  If anything, I could use it as a sweatshirt.   

This morning I thought it looked cute with colorful jeans but as the day wore on, I had some doubts.  I do think this sweater is fine with jeans but I'm wondering if a Maxi skirt is a better choice.     

Interesting tidbit.  I found out that this Bulldog on the sweater was inspired by Jaclyn Smith's daughter's dog.
I thought it would be fun to wear a cat scarf with a dog sweater.  I can't remember where I bought this but I'm guessing Macys.

I have a box of scarves that I never wear because they are such a pain to tie.  This is why I love Eternity scarves because you do a quick twist, over the head, repeat and then you're done.

I just found out after calling Bath and Body Works that this incredible hand soap is no where to be found.  If you love carrots, this truly smells like carrots with brown sugar.

During one of their big sales in the Fall, I bought a handful of soaps and I purchased two bottles of the carrot.  Because the carrots remind me of Easter, I recently opened this flavor and fell in love.  Hopefully they bring this one back.   

It's raining Peeps!  Peeps are so popular that they now come in jumbo size packaging.  Now I'm starting to crave the chocolate dipped ones.            
I love this Target Merona Maxi skirt that I bought for $20.  I thought that price was good but I noticed that they are currently running a buy one get one 50% off clothing.  The website also carries this skirt in a mint green.     

Last month for my daughter's birthday party, I wanted to be comfortable hosting four girls for a night of Monster High movies, pizza and Karaoke.  At the same time I wanted to look nice, so the maxi came in handy with my Anthropologie fruit tee and necklace and a J.Crew cardigan.
Now I need to try the Bulldog sweater with this skirt.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All About the Blouse

Coraline is taking the place of makeup today since she is a pretty distraction.  So this blog photo should just be about the blouse.  It's sold out from the Anthropologie website but there still may be some Maeve Woodland Walk Buttondown shirts to be had from the sales rack.
That sounds like a tongue twister!  
I have been fighting the cough and tired feeling that comes from having a bad cold or flu.  Sweats  have been my uniform for a long time and today is the most I have dressed up in a while.  Yesterday I wore makeup for an appointment but I kept the outfit simple.  Today I skipped makeup but decided to wear the new blouse with owl pizazz.     
The green leaves worked for St. Patrick's Day and my daughter suggested brown jeans.  These are the Wit and Wisdom jeans from Nordstrom I seem to be wearing a lot of.  Every now and then I check to see if they are doing different colors as they did about three years ago, but no such luck.  
I'm showing the border of the shirt, even though it's not that exciting.  The owl is the best part. 

I spotted these cute bunnies at CVS today.  They would make a cute Easter gift or decoration and there were also chocolate scented plush rabbits as well.        
The shoes are older Rocket Dog wool flats that I bought from Marshalls.  I have blogged about them before and I love the colorful wool buttons sewn on that give them an Anthropologie look.     

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Good Thrifting Day

It was a chilly day when I had to take Coraline to the Veterinarian because she had been coughing for more than a week and not one hairball was coming up.  They gave her antibiotics in case it was a viral  infection and because the cough improved right away, I'm guessing that may have been the culprit.

The second picture is to show off how cute Coraline looks in her carrier.  

In regards to the outfit, everything but the shoes are one or two years old.  I'm in Anthropologie Pilcro jeans, Target Merona bird print buttondown and a cardigan from Marshalls by Bianca B.  I have it hooked closed by a Joan Rivers dog pin.
The shoes are the American Eagle Bayley Twist flat from Payless in the color Menswear.  They have a tweed wool look so I guess that is why they came up with the color Menswear.  Menswear is not a color though.        

I found this Deletta shirt at one of my favorite consignment shops and I look forward to pairing it with a Maxi skirt when the weather heats up.
My Goodwill haul yielded a pristine dark coral Deletta shirt, a 50's looking brown cardigan and a charming rayon scarf with no brand name.
The brown cardigan did not have a tag and I'm guessing it was handmade.  The length is on the shorter side so I should try it with a dress in a 50's silhouette. 
 I love the colors in this scarf along with the Elephants, Birds and lady in pink.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Marshalls Dress Finds

Hopefully this is the last of Christmas for this year!  This older yellowish cream cardigan from Anthropologie is great for the Holidays because of the flecs of sequins.  I paired it with dark green AG Stevie jeans, red Payless flats with sequin detail, a floral Isaac Mizrahi for QVC cardigan and a red flower necklace from Target.  I layered it up that night because of the cold.  
I found this cute Talbots dress at Marshalls and the pink and green design reminds me of a Lilly Pulitzer.  I wanted to show a closeup of the pretty embroidery detail.  I also spotted a Kate Spade handbag as well.  Marshalls was a Preppy's dream this weekend!     
REMINDER:  LILLY PULITZER FOR TARGET LAUNCHES ON APRIL 19.  I'm really looking forward to this and I haven't decided if I want to get to the store right at opening or not.  I prefer to sleep in on Sundays and the store opens at 8:00.  I wonder if shopping on line would be an option or do you run the risk of missing out?       

Another dress that caught my eye was this very pretty Vince Camuto with bright pink flowers.  

This is the dish display at the Dollar Tree that looks so much like Fiestaware.  I bought another blue bowl and I had to dig through all of the orange bowls until I found one without flaws.  Since they are not in the best shape, I'm only using them as snack bowls.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dollar Tree Retro Pottery

On my daughter's birthday we went to her favorite restaurant on the wharf and although I look cold, it was actually pleasant out.

So once again I am posting about AG Stevie Sateen jeans from Anthropologie.  This pair is truly a rust color, not red as shown and they have been a staple this winter.       

I had a feeling that when I bought the Honey Stitch cardigan by Moth from an amazing Anthropologie sale that I would want another one.  This sweater also came in a brown and I love my gray one with the red accents.  I matched it with a pair of old Mossimo boots from Target and an older Anthropologie necklace I have shown before.
If you love the look of Fiestaware pottery or just enjoy retro ceramic dishes, run, don't walk, to the Dollar Tree.
Late Friday afternoon, we rushed in for last minute birthday party stuff and in the front of the store we spotted these bowls and the squiggly mat underneath.  I grabbed one for serving crackers in and wish I had bought more for future parties.

Honestly, I'm squeamish about heating a dollar bowl in the microwave but for a cracker server I feel fine with it.       

This blue was really pretty but it also came in orange which would be great for Halloween and an avocado shade of green.  The squiggly mats also came in the orange and green.
A closeup of the necklace on my new mat from Dollar Tree, just because.



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