Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All About the Blouse

Coraline is taking the place of makeup today since she is a pretty distraction.  So this blog photo should just be about the blouse.  It's sold out from the Anthropologie website but there still may be some Maeve Woodland Walk Buttondown shirts to be had from the sales rack.
That sounds like a tongue twister!  
I have been fighting the cough and tired feeling that comes from having a bad cold or flu.  Sweats  have been my uniform for a long time and today is the most I have dressed up in a while.  Yesterday I wore makeup for an appointment but I kept the outfit simple.  Today I skipped makeup but decided to wear the new blouse with owl pizazz.     
The green leaves worked for St. Patrick's Day and my daughter suggested brown jeans.  These are the Wit and Wisdom jeans from Nordstrom I seem to be wearing a lot of.  Every now and then I check to see if they are doing different colors as they did about three years ago, but no such luck.  
I'm showing the border of the shirt, even though it's not that exciting.  The owl is the best part. 

I spotted these cute bunnies at CVS today.  They would make a cute Easter gift or decoration and there were also chocolate scented plush rabbits as well.        
The shoes are older Rocket Dog wool flats that I bought from Marshalls.  I have blogged about them before and I love the colorful wool buttons sewn on that give them an Anthropologie look.     


  1. I tried this blouse on a few weeks ago. I loved the print... very cute. You're right, the owls are the best part!

    1. These owls are great. By the way, this shirt is now marked down to $20 and I just got a price adjustment. That is cheaper than a shirt you can buy at Marshalls.
      Have a great Friday,

  2. Such an adorable blouse. Love the birds and the pops of blue and green It looks great with your brown jeans!
    Feel better, Stacey! It seems the flu - or what ever thing it is that's going around is hard to shake. Freddy was sick for over a week. Ugh. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you, I feel much better this week.
      Brown jeans seem to be coming in handy lately. With this particular shirt it brought out the owls. They did a good job with this owl print too.
      Thanks for stopping by,



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