Monday, March 9, 2015

Marshalls Dress Finds

Hopefully this is the last of Christmas for this year!  This older yellowish cream cardigan from Anthropologie is great for the Holidays because of the flecs of sequins.  I paired it with dark green AG Stevie jeans, red Payless flats with sequin detail, a floral Isaac Mizrahi for QVC cardigan and a red flower necklace from Target.  I layered it up that night because of the cold.  
I found this cute Talbots dress at Marshalls and the pink and green design reminds me of a Lilly Pulitzer.  I wanted to show a closeup of the pretty embroidery detail.  I also spotted a Kate Spade handbag as well.  Marshalls was a Preppy's dream this weekend!     
REMINDER:  LILLY PULITZER FOR TARGET LAUNCHES ON APRIL 19.  I'm really looking forward to this and I haven't decided if I want to get to the store right at opening or not.  I prefer to sleep in on Sundays and the store opens at 8:00.  I wonder if shopping on line would be an option or do you run the risk of missing out?       

Another dress that caught my eye was this very pretty Vince Camuto with bright pink flowers.  

This is the dish display at the Dollar Tree that looks so much like Fiestaware.  I bought another blue bowl and I had to dig through all of the orange bowls until I found one without flaws.  Since they are not in the best shape, I'm only using them as snack bowls.


  1. Sometimes I am amazed at what I can find at Marshalls. That Talbots dress looks exactly like a Lilly Pulitzer! I wonder if her collection will sell out like crazy or if it will be okay to wait and shop at a more civilized hour? It is so hard to tell lately. Hmmmm... I guess it depends on how much you want something and want to risk it. Love all of the pink and green she uses. So Palm Beach!

    1. My guess is that it will be a big hit. I remember that Missoni for Target was a huge sell out and Jason Wu as well. His cat items sold out but I was able to get an aqua blouse a few days after the merchandise came. I have never rushed into Target the day of a designer launch, but Lilly Pulitzer may just be the first time.
      Take care,



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