Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Early Bird Catches Lilly

I debated about posting my Lilly Pulitzer for Target haul because I did not want it to appear as bragging.  But because it was such a pleasant small town experience, I wanted to share a positive spin instead of all the negative stories I had been hearing about this Target launch.

The funny thing is, I always complain about how our town has the worst shopping.  When we finally got a Target three years ago, I called it one big grocery store with everything else just sprinkled in.     
However, for the Target Lilly release, our lack of good shopping turned into an advantage.    

As soon as the Lilly items started becoming available on the Target website after midnight, I knew that the only chance I would have of possibly getting anything, was to push myself out of bed on a Sunday morning.  Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorites but I have only been able to afford the vintage and or used from Ebay.  As a collector of certain fashion items, I was going to make sure to arrive at Target on time.    

Some pieces of advice from a website informed shoppers to not waste time stopping for coffee beforehand and go to an out of the way, less populated Target.  My husband's first response when I read this out loud was, "That's our Target."       

Sunday morning arrived and after showering, I did not even waste time with makeup.  Just a quick dusting of Bare Minerals and a dab of cover up on a honker pimple.  Then a half a cup of coffee and a few bites of toast to give me a little energy.      

My daughter agreed to join me, even though she is not a morning person either and together we drove in the misty drizzle to our local Target about 15 minutes away.  There was no traffic and when we arrived about five minutes before the 8:00 opening, we were relieved to see only about 10-15 people standing outside.       

When the doors opened, we all walked in and proceeded to look and pull down our desired items.  Nobody was grabbing or pushing and one added bonus was that I could actually take my time and choose the best pattern on the Maxi dress.  The charm bracelet was the item I wanted the most and there were about five hanging on the display bar.   

The only daunting thing was waiting for a dressing room since our Target has so few rooms.  Even that was no big deal.  We just chatted in line and found out that the darling lady in front of us was buying clothes for her Honeymoon.  She had a cart full of housewares that she could not take into the dressing room, so I offered to babysit her cart while she tried on clothes.  My daughter then volunteered to be on cart watch duty so I could start the dressing room process.               
There were some feel good moments too.  After loading my first round of items in the car and then returning to Target for the second wave for toiletries, I noticed a larger size shift dress hanging on the rack.  Rather than risk losing the more comfortable dress, I bought it and went back to the car to  retrieve the smaller size to return.

As I was preparing to do the return transaction, I saw a lady with someone who I was guessing could be her mother.  I overheard her saying in a serious tone, "That's the dress I wanted."  I then quickly  announced, "I'm returning this!" and she immediately wanted to know the size and if she could have it.  As soon as the sales lady completed the transaction, it was in her hands.

It sounded as if these two ladies arrived too late, not realizing that the store opened at 8:00.  By now it was about 9:30 and I overheard a few Target employees mention that they were so surprised that barely anyone came for the Lilly housewares.  I then decided to grab a Lilly pillow and a Lilly bathing suit for my daughter to add with my toothpaste and soap purchase.         
In the end, my daughter and I had a lot of fun and the whole experience turned out better than expected.                   
I was wondering if the name Lilly would be mixed in with the prints since the clothes are known to have the name swirled in with the colorful fabric.  I found this on the Maxi dress and thought that the Target logo added a cute touch.  It's also a good reference for future collectors.  


  1. Wow! What a great experience! I am so surprised after hearing all of the horror stories. I am even composing a Marcy's Pet Peeve Post about it and the crazy markups on ebay. I will include a link to your post and your positive experience. What a nice time for you and your daughter!

    1. Thank you!
      I was wondering what a good plan would be for future popular designer launches. A lot of people were mad at Target and Lilly Pulitzer but I really don't think that it was their fault. People selling on Ebay were the culprit. I just wonder if as an example, Ebay had not allowed Lilly for Target transactions for a month, would that have solved the problem? Or could it backfire on Ebay's business?
      I just thought that selling these items on Ebay was so tacky. The only thing that would make it OK is if one was selling for a charity.
      Have a great evening,

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience because mine was a nightmare. Living in a small town can be such a blessing for launches like this. I actually smiled when I read that everyone calmly walked in and assessed the items before picking anything out. I was one of the fools that stayed up during the wee hours, constantly hitting refresh. It was incredibly frustrating, especially the accidental early launch that people discovered through googling specific item names on their phones. I couldn't get that to work for me, so inventory was already low by the time I was able to shop at my desktop computer. It was a frenzy. I moved fast, and all I was able to secure was the maxi dress. I also planned on picking up a pair of pillows and a nail polish.

    The next morning, Kyle and I went to our local Targets around 9:30. Of course everything was already wiped out. Fortunately, I found two Target-brand throw pillows that I liked just as much, along with a nailpolish in a similar shade. I thought I'd have no problem securing items online (wrong), and I'm not the sort of person to brave a frenzy in-store, so I guess I did everything I could. I will not support those eBay sellers with the insane mark-ups. It's obnoxious and exploits the whole point of designer collaborations.

    Anyway - my dress arrived yesterday, and I love it. I got one piece, and I still got everything I wanted, even if they weren't Lilly brand. Also, a Lilly Pulitzer store just opened down the street, so I can shop there for the real deal, without all the craziness.

    I'm glad you and your daughter had a positive experience! Thanks for sharing your story. Have a great weekend, Stacey!

    <3 Liz

    1. I'm so glad you got the dress you wanted and the fact that you have a Lilly store opening in your neighborhood will mean you can be on top of the sales and promotions.
      This was my first Black Friday type of experience because I don't want to have a stressful shopping situation. I was surprised that I did not spot any Ebay sellers. I would think they would have taken the dresses that are hanging on the display in my picture. The picture was taken a little after nine when the shopping had died down and I was surprised at the amount of dresses left.
      Hopefully returns will trickle in soon,



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