Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Xanadu Lisa Rinna Skirt

With my continued fun adventure of Maxi skirt hunting, I recently purchased some Lisa Rinna skirts from QVC.  This one in particular is not a Maxi, but it has a nice long drape to it.  

This skirt is called the Sharkbite Hem skirt, but I'm calling it my Xanadu skirt.  Anytime I see an asymmetrical hem, I think of Olivia Newton John's costume in Xanadu.  I'm also reminded of Disco skirts from the late 70's.  

I was first irritated that my older Target tee was bunched up in this picture, but then I realized that it was OK since I prefer to have my blog be realistic.  Although I am human and can at times feel a little jealous of the blogger's who look like they stepped out of a magazine, that's not me.  I may be the only blogger who has ever posed in Anthropologie while standing in front of my new septic tank.   

I think this outfit complimented both the navy Rodo and cat Enid Collins handbags.  
I found this very pretty navy Rodo handbag at Goodwill and I'm not sure if it's vintage or a fake.  I still like it regardless since I love wicker handbags.

I haven't decided if I want to buy this cute Target Mossimo shirt or not.  It looks like an Anthropologie style but with a generous price of $17.  I wish it came in more colors other than cream and black.  Dark green or rust would be perfect.    


  1. That wicker bag is a HUGE score!

    I agree with the white blouse. Coloured would be nicer.


    1. I love wicker handbags and I am loving the new Kate Spade frog wicker handbag for it's charm and vintage look. I hope it gets marked down since it's so expensive.
      Nice hearing from you,

  2. I loooooved Xanadu! Ah - the roller skates - the greek mythology- and of course, Olivia! Now I have to watch that movie again.
    Keep it real, Stacey - you look great keeping it real. That wicker bag is awesome. Love the blue on both the bag and the skirt. That skirt is so wonderfully flowy.

    1. I loved Xanadu when I saw it in the movie theater. I still love the music, especially, "Magic" and "Suddenly." I'm going to have to find that movie so we can see it again.
      Thanks for the upbeat encouragement,

  3. LOL Keep it real, Stacey! Septic tank and all! Kyle and I made a point of watching Xanadu last year. It was fun, even if it was cheesy. I think these "sharkbite" skirts are fun, too. They definitely have a disco vibe. If you want to keep in theme, you could take your daughter and girlfriends to the roller rink and get your Olivia Newton-John on out on the floor!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thank you for the encouragement!
      I really want to show my daughter Xanadu. The music was great for a so so movie.
      I'm having fun with the Disco vibe since I was too young for the clothes when I was young. As for the rollerskating, it's one of the popular places to have birthday parties for the older elementary school kids. Roller Rinks were popular when I was a kid and now they are in style again.
      Thanks for stopping by,



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