Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pining for Summer in Swans

Hopefully this will be the end of the cool days and we can soon start enjoying spring/summer.  I have shown this older swan skirt and necklace from Anthropologie before, but not together.  I did red with the skirt before but I prefer the orange colors.    
I received a 15% of coupon for doing an online Anthropologie survey, so I made a point to order a  skirt in the store to save on shipping costs.  I certainly did not plan on walking out with the Morning Petals cardigan peeking out of a wrapped package.  There have been too many good sales lately.   
I wanted to show the cute orange floral artwork in the Anthropologie windows.  They used old newspapers for the background.  
I brought out my older Rachel Zoe for QVC handbag and because I have been craving summer, there are a couple of Van Halen CDs inside.  Somehow Van Halen and Anthropologie seems like an odd mix but it keeps life more interesting.    


  1. Van Halen and Anthro ARE an odd mix but it makes perfect sense too! Thank you for posting that artwork. So pretty.
    It's so hot here in LA today that seeing you in that skirt makes me feel like we live in different parts of the world. lol I remember when we were living in San Francisco and it felt like winter in July. Very disorienting.
    Such a beautiful pairing - the skirt with the orange top!

    1. Thank you. I think I had summer on my mind when I chose the orange shirt. We are finally having hot temperatures and it feels so nice! Time for pretty dresses and skirts.
      Have a nice evening,



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